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SMA SM ability to search by LDAP full name for requested by field

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over 2 years ago

by default the service portal uses SAMaccountName for searching for requested by in case somebody is raising a case for some one else however it would be better if the ability to choose which attribute to search with will be more practical and more make sense to some customers who are using loginnames not the same as there full names

  • It would be a very good enhancement, as one of our clients also needs this functionality. 

    It would be great also, if the system would store the, but would display the of the contact record.

  • Not only requested on behalf but as well for the requested for field it picking the contact name which is the LDAP login name and in our case it’s inconvenient because the customer login names are complex ones so most of the time it will be hard to guess the user name instead they need to search using first / last as well as full name
  •   please help comfirm whether you are talking about "request on behalf mode