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SMA-SM : Ability to see Catalog, Interaction, Request and Changes approvals

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago
  • Brief Description

Since SM allows to design workflows and add Approvals in any phase, it's important to give the flexibility to do the approval decision in any of the interfaces: SMA-SM Service Portal, Mobile App and traditional SM interface.

  • Benefits / Value

Currently, in SMA-SM there is shown only Interactions and Changes approvals. Request Management module could have several approvals in the workflows. Request Management is the facto module to model any workflow in a customer.  In my experience, SM has been used to model not only IT services but any in the organization. In a Shared Services catalog, you could have several items that requires approvals and it can be raised in the fulfillment process, not in the catalog. 

  • Design details

It should work in the same way as the current approvals. We have traced the logs and it seems the filter is applied to retrieve only SD and CM approvals.

  • Hello Guys,

    3 of our customers just postponed their SMA-SM Service Portal release bec. of this missing capability. They are all still using SRC as their end-user portal which is flash-based and is out of support. I couldn't agree more with paparras :"it's important to give the flexibility to do the approval decision in any of the interfaces"



  • Thank you -Fengfor your reply. Currently, using SMA-SM 2018-11 the approvals of Request Management module are not visible in the User Portal, only are shown the approvals related to Service Desk module and Change Management module. We elevated this question with product and they do confirm this functionality is not available. Also, we opened a Support Ticket where the engineer took traces of the logs and find out that only approvals for tables "incidents" and "cm3r" are synchronized with the portal.
  •  are you looking for the additonal approval in service portal? now we are supporting all the approval in SM, so not sure which interface you are looking for