Idea ID: 1682857

SMA-SM: Ability to select a list of options when approving/denying an approval

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago
  • Brief Description

SM should shown a list of values when an user is in the approval form to allow a selection of the main reason why he/she is taking that decision. Currently, there is only mandatory to put a comment in a text area, however, it's really difficult to extract some value of that information as there is no tools to analyze the text in those responses. If having a list, the approver could choose one value to indicate the reason of the approval/denial of the request. Some possible values could be "Technical; Financial, Regulatory, Strategy" among others.

  • Benefits / Value

Analyze the reasons why the approval/denial of requests are being done by the managers in the organization. This could lead to improve processes and have some KPIs regarding approvals. Some issues addressed are:

- Bad definition of approval processes

- Analyze the aspects taking in consideration of the approval process

- Identify the technical, financial and strategy analysis done when approving requests

  • Design details

In the approval form should appear the Textbox field to put any comments, a list of values (It should come from a globallist in SM or a list in SMAX), and the two buttons: Approve and Deny