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SMA-X Models: Enhance Change Models with a "locking function" on the task plan

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago


In change process it is for some models very important (eg standard change) to make sure that the model and task plan is executed as defined in the model. 

Today an operator can modify the task plan on the change record after the model is chosen. secondly any operator with task edit rights can do that - NOT only the operator with change rights (this is because the tasks are a shared "module" for other entities like change or request). 


enhance the model entitiy with a tick box to "lock" the task plan when executing a model in the respective change record. 

On the change record check if the model has a lock demand on it.. and if yes deny changes to the task plan on that specific change record (except for eg admin or change manager rights that have "overrule" rights - this overrule is needed to make sure a change can be "unstuck" in the process). 




  • Thank you for your idea. At this time, your idea hasn’t received enough community support and doesn’t align with our priorities so we are closing this idea. But we may review this again in the future. Thank you for your support and continue posting & voting on ideas to help make our products better.
  • Hi all,

    My customer just raised a similar requirement about locking task plans that are predefined in a fulfillment plan - so I just comment on this idea rather than raising a new one.

    Their use case applies to fulfillment plans defined for an offering and executed as task plans within Request Management.

    They need to prevent that users are able to modify the predefined task plan that consists mostly of automatic tasks. If the users change the task chain, the automatic task flow does not work anymore.

    Best regards,

  •  We have such functionality in SM since many customers asked for it. I think similar feature can be also applied to SMAX.

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be reviewed by the product team.