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SMA-X Self-Service Portal should not display "There is no data" or "No articles in this category"

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago
  • Brief Description
    •      In the SMA-X Self-Service Portal, as users browse through the categories they briefly see the text "There is no data" before the page is populated with offerings and articles. Under Articles they see "No articles in this category" before the articles appear. This text should only appear if there is genuinely no information found, although even then the wording is not very user-friendly (why would there be a blank category in the first place?).

      I suggest it either says nothing at all, or something like "Loading..."

  • Benefits / Value
    •      Users will be confused by a message telling them there is no data (which is confusing because there is, and "no data" may not mean anything to them). "No articles in this category" only makes sense if there really is no articles.
  • Design details     Change the message to "Loading..." or remove it altogether.
  • There is no data.PNG


    No articles.PNG



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