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Smart Analysis of case sentiments to complement surveys

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

As we all know, not many users filled out surveys for one reasons or the other. However, we still need to track customer satisfaction in some form.

Why not use IDOL tech to analyse only the customers case inputs for negative and positives words with weighting to determine whether customer was happy or unhappy with the resolution of the case ?

E.g "crap" and other swear words (high weighting X10). "Hopeless","Useless", "Waste of time"X3, "Use Exclamation mark or words in uppercase or emoji" X2 on eventual sentiment. "Happy"X1, "Thank you"X1, "Fast"X1"Speedy"X1, "Fantastic"X2,"Awesome"X2,"Incredible"X2,"Well done" X2,"Fabulous"X2 .

Formula for sentiment = Total Positive words multiply by individual weighting - Total Negative words multiply by individual weighting. 

Strength of sentiment = Sentiment X Emphasis weighting (e.g exclamation mark or use of uppercase)

Results will be sentiment within range of very negative to very positive sentiment.