Idea ID: 1664313

Smart Search - allow datetime fields for "match" filter with range filter (before/after option)

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

SM provides search masks per module (e.g. Search Incident) where date ranges can be defined for several datetime fields (e.g. open.time after <date_1> AND open.time before <data_2> / close.time after <date_3)

Smart Analytics / Smart Search should allow datetime fields as "Match" filter and allow for date range selection (in a per library search)

This would allow for a more precise filtering per library for "opened after" and "opened before" etc

here a draft of how it might look like:

  • Would be very useful to have the ability to use different dates in Smart Search and especially in Hot Topics also.  Using Open date and other date fields in Hot Topics would allow the data to be more useful then just sysmod date.