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Smart Search results to be shown in qbe and export to Excel (for a given library)

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over 2 years ago

Smart Search allows for easy searching. The displayed results may contain records from multiple libraries (modules, e.g. Interactions, Incidents, Problems).

It would be helpful if

a) the results shown by Smart Search could be listed in a qbe in SM (allowing for selecting/marking the columns to export)


b) the results could be exported to Excel directly from within Smart Search.

It is obvious that showing the resultes in a qbe or export to Excel is not possible if results from different libraries are displayed. But providing the option per library would improve the usability of smart search.

here a draft of how it might look like:

  •  It appears that the ER below is a duplicate of this one:

    Can we please merge the 2 and the votes?

  • When searching in Smart Analytics Smart Search from Service Manager you get a list with results. This list is not possible to export anywhere.

    We would like to see the ability to export Smart Search results to csv, pdf or html.