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SMAX - Be able to select what items we can see in the Mega Menu for the Administration section

Status : Delivered
8 months ago

Hello team,

when we add a role to be able to administer the "Person" record in SMAX, the user can see additional modules in the Mega Menu. Indeed, users can't edit those records, but it's confusing to see them in the Menu.

For example, I configured this role:



and after applying it, the user can see records like "Studio" or "Lists" in the Mega Menu. they can't edit them and that's correct, but what the administrator expects is to see only those records in the menu where they have permission.

Expected behavior:

Be able to select what elements are visible in the Mega Menu in the admin side through the roles section.


  • This idea has been implemented in product release SMAX 2021.02. Check out the release notes for details. Thanks to all of our contributors for helping us continue to improve our products!

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team.

  • Hi 

    The solution today does not give you the flexibility of controlling the menu visibility under Administration. So by setting the tick in the "application administration module" you give access to all the menus there. 

    The access control to access the menu is then controlled via the record type settings. 

    This is currently as the product is designed. Thank you for creating the idea to improve this.