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SMAX - Create a based on a request and group by Vendor

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We need the ability to create an operational report in SMAX , with a record type of  Request, and group that request by Vendor.

The Idea is to create an operational report that lists all active requests tied to a vendor.


  • I believe the issues that we want to create a report and group it my vendor, which isn’t on the request like that. We can group by requester, but would need to filter out all the everyone that wasn’t associated with a vendor contact.

    Mark Yates

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  • Hi  - marking this declined until we have more information. 

    How are you viewing the Vendor in this scenario?  If you mean a Vendor that is addressing the issue, then are you using Assignment group? Or do you mean Vendor that supplied the Service or Device related to the Request?  There is already a "Request to Company" (the vendor) entity link in Request (Vendors are in the Company entity type) or you could create your own entity link. 

    Does that help with the configuration?