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SMAX - possibility to see all columns in a field linked to an entity link

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

when we link an entity link with multiple columns to a Studio or user option field, we are not able to see all the columns or select the columns we need in the end-user portal or the Agent side forms.

In the case of the Entity Picker, it would be good to be able to see these columns in the pop-up table that can be shown by pressing the Lookup button of the picker. In the case of the M2M grids, additional columns should be configurable.

Use case details:
I have a Studio app containing information about AWS Instances. it has different columns like "Instance ID, Memory, CPUs, etc...


I created a request offering, and I would like that the end-user could select whatever instance he needs based on all the information in the table.

I created a user option linked to the "Entity link" that contains all the information, but when I go to the end user portal, I'm only able to see the display name field. (the same happen if I click in the icon to find directly in the table. I am not able to filter for all columns or see them in the table:



The same happens if I try to add through Studio... with an M: M Grid... I can't specify what columns I need to show...



Expected behavior:

We need to show all the columns in the lists when we link a field with an entity link and we click on the Entity Picker. We need to have the possibility to chose whose columns we want to see in the end-user portal. and make all columns searchable and filterable.