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SMAX API wrapper

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over 2 years ago

Hi guys, 

I'm Software solutions engineer for our company, and one of my responsibilities is managing our SMAX instance and entire suite, a lot of my work is related to automation, workflows and integrations of SMAX with other products outside MicroFocus ecosystem. I found myself writing a lot of boilerplate code for our projects, so I decided to create SMAX API wrapper with all methods covered under several classes, and to that effect I've released and open sourced SMAX api wrapper package for Python. I tested it on python 3.5 and up. Project home is here:

and if you want to use it, just pip install smax

As I said, project is under MIT licence and fully open source, so if you want to contribute or pull it and modify you're more then welcome. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Have a nice day!