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SMAX Assignment reporting

Status : Already Offered
over 1 year ago

Customer is looking for a functionality that can track the amount of time spent at each team in case it has been assigned to several team so as to measure the fulfillment and response of each team.


Use Case:

Ticker has been Assigned to Team X, Y and Z and then back to X again so accordingly we need to have the functionality of calculating the total time spent at team X , Y and Z currently in the system OLA measure this inaccurately because in case of re-assignment it reset the counter for this team.


Business Benefits:

Ability to track the total amount of time consumed per each team and pinpointing the pain area.


  • Hi  

    What you are requesting is how the Time in Group OLT already works.  If the ticket is reassigned back to the same group, then the OLT will resume, not start over.  If you are experiencing different behavior, I suggesting submitting a support case.

    Thanks, Steve