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SMAX : Be able to add an Approval phase in a workflow

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

On a workflow in a new application, when you add a phase you can check the Box "Enable Approval Plan" and then select the Approval Definition plan to apply in this phase.

It could be useful to have the same feature in all OOB workflow. Actually we can see the check box in the Phase Properties. 

For example : for specific changes, I need an approval phase done by a Techncial Team  between Fulfilment and Review phase. 


  • Thanks for all the votes and comments. We are looking into this as a future product enhancement. Check the notifications box to be emailed if the status changes.

  • I agree with my SMAX colleagues. This feature is very interesting in order to control how a ticket can advanced further than customers needs.

    If dont, would be very interesting, as an alternative, merge approvals with the task plan and let us create approval tasks wherever we want into the different phases a record has to go trhough.

  • I have to agree that this is required functionality rather than an enhancement. Please enable this before I have to tell a customer it is not possible.

  • This is Really a basic requirement for any ITSM solution i would rather mention this as a defect more than a feature to be added customer is really frustrated as it preventing an upgrade program from classic SM to SMAX what is really annoying is we have had deleted an approval phase by mistake and now there is no way to put it back appreciate your kind support this idea has been for almost a year. 

  • I agree and we have had designs for this as a part of future backlog. I am adding my vote to your for this one.