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SMAX Chat available to launch from external websites / apps

Status : Waiting for Votes
6 months ago

We have a significant number of applications with which our Commuinity interact every day. These apps and websites require the user to be authenticated. We'd like to deploy a "Chat with Support Now" button into our websites and apps that would;

  1. Pass the user credential through to SMAX, creating a Support Request
  2. Notify a support agent of the chat request
  3. Surface the chat screen and the partially filled Service Request to the support agent
  4. Agent completes the SR form and content of the chat is attached.

Use case example, a user is on our Magento Website and needs to chat with a support agent. They click on the chat icon and they are off.

An edge case might include an automated response that the Customer Care Centre is currently closed e.g. look into service response and restoration info.