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SMAX does not process Korean Language.

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Whenever I input Korean language in the fields, I need to put extra character and remove it for SMAX to get Korean characters correctly. (I am not sure about other languages)

It's very annoying and sometimes it's  very critical because some SMAX menu does not allow users to remove or edit works that users's already done by mistake.

For example, if I want to input "가나다", I need to "가나다" + "space bar" + "Backspace" or "Language Toggle key"

It happens only with Internet Explorer, no problem with Chrome. (I may be wrong)

I wonder it's about browser or SMAX. But if it can be fixed by SMAX, it would be great.



  • Hi Insuk Jang,

    As Korean is a supported language for SMAX, this should be handled as a support ticket.  Based on your description, it seems there is a decent chance this is a browser issue.  But we won't know for sure until it goes through the support process.  

    Thanks, Steve