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SMAX ESM - ability to add a price to entity link user options linked to SACM at offering level

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over 1 year ago

Use case:

when I create an ESM offering, for example, to request a PC, selecting specific Devices or infrastructure&Peripherical items, I need to show the price to the user for the selected items.

Actual Behaviour:

I have an offering with user options linked to Infrastructure & Peripherical Asset Type:



When the user selects those elements in the end-user portal,  the price is not changing for the elements that the user is selecting:



I am not able to set the price for the user options with entity link to 'Infrastructure and Peripherical' at offering level:



Also, My Infrastructure&Peripherical items, have a price in the finance tab, why not use it in my Offering when the user selects this item?


Expected behavior:

We should use the price in the finance tab of Infrastructure&Peripherical or devices items, to show in the offering if the end-user selects those elements.

Additionally, it will be good that the user could set a price for entity link user options at the Offering level.