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SMAX Idea - Do SMAX Agent side responsive - Today it's not responsive (look&feel)

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

I have been answering to an RFP where one of the points speaks about responsiveness and capability to manage SMAX in different devices (PC, Tablet, mobile..) but mobile part does not look good in the agent side and it's not working properly.

we are not compliance with responsive in agent side, and this is very important nowadays.

I propose this idea to accelerate this, to make it compliance as soon as possible.

this is an example of the agent side look&feel from iPhone 6:



as well as website mobile view, it will be important to add agent side administration capability to the Native App "Service Portal".

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  • Ignacio,

    The agent interface does use responsive design.  We currently support down to a tablet resolution (in landscape).  Changing the responsive design of the entire agent interface to support a phone resolution while maintaining a good user experience is going to be extremely difficult - I expect impossible.  This is not something we plan to invest in, so I am going to decline this Idea.

    We are planning to invest in Agent focused use cases with the Mobile Apps.  Feel free to submit Ideas for particular Agent activities that you'd like to see supported in our Mobile apps.

    Thanks, Steve.