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SMAX: Iterate through collections

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

It needs a way to iterate through collections and execute a rule with each object of the collection.


  • I agree that this would be very useful for multiple use cases:

    • execute an action on all related records via a MANY2MANY association
    • execute an action on all values in a complex collection attribute (like those used in SACM)

    But it will be tricky to provide that functionality while still avoiding to create yet another programming language. I.e. I don't think this should come in the form of a generic FOR EACH loop construct.

    Instead, it could be a new set of rule templates, e.g. : Execute <existing action rule template> on related records by <association name> with <related record condition>


  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team.

  • This is a very good idea. Very often we want to hide many fields on one condition. Today we have to dulicate the condition.