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SMAX Native SACM - Allow to save/reuse filter definitions and provide some predefined filters.

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

SMAX - Native SACM 2020.05.

In the SMAX CI topology view, for example launched with the CI explorer on the Related CIs screen,  it would be nice to save filter definitions and offer some typical OOB filters.

Very  often the CI topology view that is shown out-of-the-box is a complex one with many components that makes the view almost unreadable.  So the first thing that a user will do is to filter the view by selecting for example the CI sub-types to show.  These 'filters' cannot be saved so everything the same view is opened, the filter selection needs to be added.

Being able to save these filters for later reuse would save time and effort.

It would also be nice if there would be predefined/out-of-the-box filters - based on customer feedback - shipped with UCMDB and hence also with the SMAX - Native SACM integration.