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SMAX-possibility to use suggest offering without updating in description field and update only title

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago


We would like for offering to make the field description not mandatory.
Because we have some users who don't want to fill that information to make the display lighter on the portal.
We also would like to improve the search from the portal, and the suggestions made to the users when he search for an offering based on the title.

The suggestion should display only offerings which contains in the title the words used in the search.

Because today we can see that the global search is also looking for tickets opened and so some offering proposed are not relevant because the terms searched are not in the title or the description of the offerings displayed to the users.

Note: Please find the attached document provided by R&D team, when we were checking for the suggest offering issue. Also, I have attached some screen shot for your reference.