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SMAX Reports -DB Queries inside SMAX

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Hi Team ,

Description : Currently our customer is using SMAX for their product support and they have around 100+ customers . They need to fetch reports on daily basis on certain criteria (which is not fixed) . So they want a ability inside SMAX to run queries and fetch report . We know that we can use BI tools and integrate SMAX but this requirement is for small scale customers who doesnt have budget for BI tools .

Benefits / Value : Since the reports are not static this will help for the clients to change SQL queries and run the report and fetch it which will save lot of efforts . By this we can also have one more feature like  Join tables and also add fields in reports like Requested by email , Phone number , Manager etc .

Design details:  Give an option to run DB queries inside SMAX for running query , export it and schedule it .

In Customer query, we can fetch these type of reports without adding any additional fields (current limitation in SMAX).

Do let us know whether this idea can be Considered or denied . If its denied please do let us know the reason so the same can be conveyed to the customer 


Dipin Kannan


  • We do not intend to provide direct access to the DB from within the tool.  They can run external reports using the PG Views.  Inside the tool, they should use the in-tool Reports.  Ideas for improvements to the in-tool reports would be considered.