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SMAX SAM Reporting - Change 'hover over' values into "K" or "M" values rather than raw values

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

SMAX SAM (SW Asset Management) 2020.05

When you hover over the reports on the SAM home page, the financial values shown are in 'raw/unit' values as shown in the screenshot (value = 11156363,92).  This is not user-friendly. Better would be to 'auto' configure this into "K" (1.000) or "M" (1.000.000) values.  Or at least add dots "." between the thousands.

The SAM Compliance pages do provide the values in these K and M formats so please also show it this way on the home page reports.

So in the below example, show the value as 11.156.363,92 or 11,156MUSD or 11.156,4KUSD.


SAM idea.png