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SMAX to Opsbridge automated downtimes

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Hi Team,

What we want is an automated downtime adapter/integration/something else which sends the affected ci's to OpsBridge for Downtime management. Example:


Change xxxx --> Execution date 1/1/2020 19:00 till 1/1/2020 21:00

Affected ci's: Business application X
Server X etc. 

In the change you can choose for an option to send the ci's to Opsbridge. Something like "Automated Downtime? yes / no." when chosen for Yes the ci's will be send to OpsBridge and they will be in Downtime from 1/1/2020 19:00 till 1/1/2020 21:00. 


Why would you need something like this? Because now you don't have to worry about critical events / incidents which are created by the monitoring in the timeframe of your change.