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SMAX User-Options query from REST-API gives DB-names instead of GUI/Display names

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

When querying the SMAX REST-API for user-options from a request, the output comes as a complex-type containing information about the user-options selected in the particular case.

The output contains the name for each user-option, along with the value. The problem is that the name is the DB-name, not the display/GUI name. A 3.rd party wanting to have the REST-call as input, can't make much sense of the DB-names for the user-options.

I suggest to make the API give the display/GUI names for the user-options, so that integrations can understand the purpose of the names/values. Today, customers need to maintain a translation-table on the side to do this, and is not easy to implement or maintain.