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SMAX VA training sentences aren't added automatically after train when the Intent is already created

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

in the SMAX Virtual Agent functionality, Intents are created with the “automatic Learning” button, and the creation includes “training sentences” inside the intent based on the title of existing requests linked to an offering.

If I train again in the future, the new training sentences are not added, based on the new content of the platform. I need to remove the intent and let the system create it again with the “automatic Learning” button, to let the system add again the intent with new training sentences.

This make no sense for the clients… what happens if they modify the intent to use the conversational mode, with questions and answers configured? They need to remove and create again the intent to be able to get the new “training sentences”… so they can lose the work done.


Expected Behaviour:

VA needs to be able to add new "training sentences" to the existing intents, when there is new content in the platform