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SMAX: (Visibility) Condition for buttons of manual transitions

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11 months ago

There should be a way to limit the use of manual transitions. Therefore, it would be good to be able to maintain a condition in the Studio for manual transitions, as is the case with automatic transitions. The difference here is that the button only becomes visible when the condition is fulfilled.


  • : Is this Idea Ticket corrupt? Because in my Idea overview it shows the status "N/A" with 0 Kudos an 0 Comments for this Idea (see Screenshot)



    This issue is important for all our customers and accordingly it would be bad if the idea received less attention because the ticket is corrupt.

  • Agree, this is an important topic for several of our customers.

  • Hi everyone,

    I saw that in the latest version (2020.08) there is now the possibility to add a condition to a transition. But this does not add any value, because it gives the same result as a rule when entering the next phase.

    So if I e.g. enter


    as a condition, so that only Problem Manager can trigger this transition, all users can still see this button and press it. But the users, who are not in the Problem Manager Group, can't confirm the transition with the Save button afterwards (when they are almost in the next phase). This means that these users have no other option than to leave the ticket without saving in order to cancel the process, whereby all changes made by the user are lost.

    This is definitely not user-friendly!


  • We made a rule like that too. But since saving is not directly integrated with the button/manual transition (see the following idea:, an unauthorized user can press the button, apparently ends up in the next phase and can't do anything from then on due to the validation rules. On the one hand this is not nice and on the other hand it is not very self-explanatory or even user-friendly.

  • what we did is to use a validation/mandatory rule to restrict users to use the manual button when the rule is not yet fulfilled. I think this might work in your case for a while.