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SMSP Localisation to UK English

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We have SMSP as our portal and the english OOTB is American english not British. I'm getting a lot of complaints from our customers about the use of words such as catalog ....

I've been told that the only english option is american english but it's causing such an issue that they are threatening to not use our portal any longer insisting on using  phone instead. 

How can I get these things changed? 


  •  I did raise a suport ticket. They told me it couldn't be done and to raise it here. To have your response to be 'raise a ticket with support' is annoying and frustrating.

    Please - I'm stuck between a rock & a hard place here - support only help when things are broken and you won't help either it seems. What else can I do? At this rate we'll be moving suppliers by the end of the summer.

  • Could you please submit a support case for it? If we can get better understanding on your language change scope, we may provide some guidance based on that. Currently there is no plan to provide a self-localization toolkit for SMSP.

    Thank you.