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SSO Documentation for HWLB(F5) in details Step by step

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Hello Tea,

Complete documentation should be present for performaing SSO when HWLB for SM servers architecture. 


The documentation provided on docs portal is not sufficient to confgure the SSO. Attached documenet provide the details to generate the certificates for HWLB architecture but there are not detailed steps which are to be performed on SM side.



  • It is badly required as many customers require Service manager to be implemented on HA along with SSO enabled. Since customers are already having hardware loadbalancers (F5 BIG-IP, Cisco etc) therefore a completed document is required on how to configure SM in horizontal scaling (minus HPSM LB) having H/W load Balancer & SSO , SSL steps included.

  • Hi Team,

    I agree on the documentation requirement for SSO on F5 HWLB. Hope to see that soon.