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Status of Process Target still changes after reaching desired ticket status

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over 2 years ago

HPSM9.52. We would like the possiblity to create a process target that stops after it has reached a certain ticket status and does not trigger again if the ticket status is changed again.

For example, we have the following statusses in a Problem task:

Registered, Accepted, Wait, Workaround delivered, Rootcause known, Solution Known, Closed

We would like to create a process target that guards that the workaround should be delivered within 7 working days. So the Initial State would be 'Registered' and the Final State would be 'Workaround Delivered'. So far this works. When the task is created the Process target status is 'Running'. After a certain time the workaround is delivered and we change the status of the ticket to 'Workaround delivered'. Depending on the time it took the process target status would be 'Achieved' or 'Breached'.

However the Problem Task is still open. If the ticket status is changed again, the status of the process target changes back to 'Running' and we loose the 'Achieved' or 'Breached' information.