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Subscriber Group

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over 2 years ago

Hi Team ,
We want to subscribe services /Service definition /offering based on Group subscription . We tried the same option under SACM>Subscription>Subscription group but it is not working ,I see only individual subscription is working at this moment .

This functionality will be really beneficial as we can save lot of time and efforts . It is really not ideal to create subscription for each user in a group to a particular service rather we can have only one subscription for entire group .




  • Created a separate post for it /it_ops_mgt/itsm/i/sma-x-ideas/subscription-via-company-group


    This funcitoanlity is very much required and my customer is questioning the purpose of subscriber group in the form , so do consider this .

  • Hi Tonya,


    Please can you change the status or can you let me know if i need to create one more request 


    Subscriber group functionality present in subscription not working  

    Benefits / Value : 

    By implementing this it will save lot of time and effort , since currently we have only subscriber option . This is tidious and we need to create subscription for each users individually 

    Design details: 

    Subscriber group is already present and we got information from R&D that this functionality is not completly working or implemented .

    Current Scenario after implementing design 

    Nothing happens , even though we fill the subscriber group we cannot see the services 

    R&D and product team both informed this will be a new design and should go via Idea exchange .

  • Hi Tonya ,


    We got a confirmation from R&D that the subscriiber group is not completly implemented yet in SMAX 2018.08 hence i am raising this request .

    By enabling this functionlaity it would be really helpful to assosciate Service to a group else it would be time taking to subscribe each person of a group .

  • hi  - please explain why the current group subscription is not working for you. We can't review this Idea without further details. Once provided, I'll reopen the Idea. Thanks