Idea ID: 1645834

Support encode "UTF-7" for Connect IT

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

【enhancement request.】

Connect IT 9.60 does not currently support "UTF-7" when email contains the encode.

Please include "UTF-7" in the codepage.

Below is the message recorded in the connect-it log.

2018/05/09 14:21:46.000 1 1 (0) The code page 'utf-7' received is not supported.


  • Hi Akira_U,
    Thank you for your idea!

    I've observed you recently submitted two related ideas regarding the CIT emaill connector for the SM integration.

    SM has provided the email integration known as Smart Email since SM 9.50. This is the recommended solution. Please consider it, rather than using the CIT email connector.

    I move the status to Declined if you don't mind.

    Let me know if you have additional comment or feedback.

    Best Regards,