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Supporting HTML in Description, Activity of the ticket

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over 2 years ago

Hi Team,

Current version: SM 9.52 with Service portal on docker/containers

We are using Connect IT for Email integration since we were unable to meet some of the requirement in smart email. Customer is really interested in having email body content in description field of ticket since customer migrated from manage engine.
We have managed to achieve this to some extent by processing emails to custom table then process email body to HTML viewer and strip HTML tags then attach text content to actual description of the ticket. this has got lot of limitation introduces new issues when java script does not take care of stripping some HTML codes.


  •  Please understand that we are following the idea exchange process for the idea, now this is in waiting for vote status.

  • any Idea on this requirement

  • customer was using manage Engine before

    Its Inbound Integration(Email to Ticket), users send HTML emails to service desk having Excel content. snap shots in the body of the email.
    Their expectation is description of Ticket(SD) which have complete body of email, meaning displaying excel & image content in the description of the ticket.
    Currently our system does not accept or display excel or snapshot content in description , it only proccess text and allignment of email gets messed up.

    In their previous manage Engine Tool they were able to paste the snapshot in the solution as well, they are expecting similar funtionality in Service Manager

    how can we achive this, if not completely atlest close to whay they are asking for?


    To make the issue more clear, could you please provide a detailed case or user scenario for us? Was the issue happened in sending email or receiving email?