Idea ID: 1656521

SxRegisteredEntitiesV2 changes don't revert after restart

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over 2 years ago

Currently, using SMA-SM 2018.05, if you have to change the table data in SxRegisteredEntitiesV2  due to you call the catalog items differently than in an OOB environment, which are Service Catalog and Service Support, once you restart the SMA those changes are reverted and you have to do it again manually.

This idea is to provide a way to modify that data and don't lose the changes after a restart.

As steps to reproduce, you can do the following:

1. Login in SM integrated with the portal
2. Create a new form in order to display data from table SxRegisteredEntitiesV2 
3. Go to database manager and search for table SxRegisteredEntitiesV2 
4. Go to incidents record and change 'service catalog' by 'service request' and save
5. Restart the portal and the change is reverted