Idea ID: 1648779

Tasks with dependencies should be created/opened only after its dependent task is closed

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

In a model where more than one task is defined, Service Manager open all tasks at the same time but with different statuses if dependencies between them exists.

To illustrate more: T1 and T2 are defined on Phase A, T1 is dependent of T2, meaning that T2 cannot be worked/closed before T1 is closed.
However, both tasks are opened at the same time when the change is on Phase A being that T1 is Active/Ready phase/state and T2 is Waiting/planned phase/state and will become active when T1 is closed.

Users expect that T2 is not opened (not be there in wait state) until T1 is closed.

Tasks to be opened as Active/Ready phase/state when its dependent task is closed and not before using any other status.
Users do not find useful having those tasks in waiting state and causes confusion and they try to work on them which is not possible yet.

None. Users have to ignore those “wait” tasks shown until they become active.

This is related to QCCR1E147429