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Tenant URL

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over 1 year ago

Hi Team,

Need different URL per tenant in a MSP concept environment 

Currently we are in MSP concept and we have planning to onboard multiple customers, one major requirement for majority of customer is to have a separate URL ie https://Customera/saw/ess?TenantID=xxx and https://CustomerB/saw/ess?TenantID=xxx  . Here company hosting SMAX(Say Company $$) is giving services to his customer (Company 1)who inturn are providing SMAX to their customers (Customer X) . 

Here Customer X is a gaming company and doesnt agree to use URL which has Company $$ (as it involves lot of transactions) .

Currently we know that using reverse proxy we can redirect the starting page but the requirement here is it needs to be done to all subsequent pages .

This requirement will arise in a MSP environment and would be really great to have a option of alias per tenant .