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Thai Language is notSupport inSMA-SM2018.08

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over 2 years ago

As per support log below, there is no thai support for SMA-SM, since we use in Thailand for Thai user,  thai language support is very highly important for us to deliver and get the acceptance from thai customer.

Please consider to develop and support for thai language.

Thanks in advance,

Phattanaphong M.

Project Manager - Marco Technology,

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Hi Phattanaphong,


Thanks for your update.


After investigate further, it is correct that Thai is not supported. Please find the document below:


SMA-SM matrix:


SM 9.60 matrix:


SM 9.61 matrix:


I have discuss further about your requirement and you will have to log an ER case for this.


Please find the guide below:


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If you have any other concern, feel free to share with us the detail.


Looking forward to your kind response.


Thank you.




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