Idea ID: 2803296

The ability to add approval comments when approving via mobile app (SMA-SM)

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

RF approval comments are configured as mandatory in our back-end Service Manager system. 

Comments are important for some of our approval workflows especially those involving logical (system) access requests where the approver may assess an access requirement and detail in the comment which user access role should be implemented at the point of fulfilment. 

RF Approval comments are configured to display on a tab on RF tasks to make this visible to fulfilment teams.

As expected, comments must be provided when approving via the SMA-SM portal but are currently not possible to provide when approving via the Self Service Portal iOS or Android apps.

Approvers currently need to be careful which requests they approve through which means depending upon whether or not they need to add approval comments - this is not consistent and not providing a good user experience.