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The Active checkbox to be usable in Lists

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago



We are facing a customer’s demand that requires the ability to change the list items in default lists.


For example the “Completion Code Enum” list, despite the fact that it is not locked (no lock icon), the only configuration available is to change the item’s name or add new item. 


We would like the ability not to delete items but to use the active-inactive checkbox in order to hide some of the items.


We understand that when a custom list is assigned to a record there is no way to delete it and that the default lists are hardcoded, but why not have the active check in use?


The customer is finding confusing the use of so many items for the completion codes and we have no way to make some of them inactive.


So we would like the Active/Inactive checkbox to be usable in Lists.     


Thank you,

George Kourtzis