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The last updated time for Knowledge articles is based on the last view of an article.

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over 1 year ago

The last updated time for knowledge articles is based on the last viewed time of an article which is misleading.

This should either:
State that it is the last viewed time.
Be removed.
Be based on the last time the article was changed (not read).

I have raised this with M/F support who have stated

"We were able to reproduced on SMAX 2020.02, too. So I discussed this behavior with the backline engineer and the product is working correctly because when a user views a knowledge article the number of views for the knowledge article must be updated and this activity is performed by the system.

We suggest you to submit a new Idea to our Idea Exchange portal."

In my opinion this is pretty bad design and customer service and should really be corrected via the ticket as its totally misleading as it looks like the article has been updated more recently then it actually has.

This happens on offerings aswell but at least the end user can not see this last updated time on offerings.

Last update time is displayed hereimage.png

The last updated time by the system

image (1).png


The real last updated time (not by the system)

image (2).png

Its unlikely this will ever get enough votes so will always remain as a "Feature". in SMAX.