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The ticket in validation phase needs to make accept or reject option mandatory to save user comment

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over 1 year ago

Hi Experts,

Business Requirement with Justification: When a user leaves a comment on interaction field for a resolved case (without rejecting the resolution provided), the system changes the case status from 'Pending end user' to 'Ready' and the phase would still remain in validation phase until the case gets auto-closed and the agent will also have to face following challenges:

(1) The agent may not have adequate time to work on the issue due to the auto-closure constraint; and

(2) The updated resolution would not prompt the user for validation as the case has already been in the validation phase.


The solution which I would like to propose -- 

Once the ticket is resolved and moves to validation phase and then if the user tries to provide and save a comment  in interaction field without choosing one of the available validation options (Accept or Reject), this kind of user behavior can be limited by making both the options (Accept or Reject) mandatory  and also through enabling a pop-up message like "Please Accept or Reject to save your comment" in order to save the comment


Note: The enabling of the "accept or reject" option as mandatory is only if the user comments in the interaction box.and try to save it.