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The ucmdbIDPushBack update of the on a CI in SM should NOT update the CI every time

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

When running the UCMDB population jobs, UCMDB populates the field in SM.  That is GREAT!  What is NOT so great, is that the CI is updated EVERY time the population job is ran even though the field is already populated.  This causes issues when a new CI is created in SM, and the population job creates the CI in UCMDB.  Since the delta population sees the last updated time on the CI during its next run, the action on the ucmdbIDPushBack Object for the ucmdbIntegration web service is triggered.  That custom action calls the configurationManagement ScriptLibrary pushUcmdbIDToSM() function.  There is no check in that function to see if the is already populated, so it updates it EVERY time.  This ends up having the CI continually being updated.  The pushUcmdbIDToSM() function should be updated to ensure the CI is updated ONLY if the value for is NULL or not the same as what UCMDB has stored.