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There is no way you can load RF and CR record separately in the SMA portal for approval.

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

Normally if a record is pending approval, the approver gets notification for that particular record to approve in SRC. But in sma sm there is no way a separate RF or CR record can be opened and reviewed. Its alwaus the default list of pending approval.


since in src the record details can be separately loaded, so need this feature in SMA sm as well.

Pls check SD02681289 as well


  • I agree,

    As a manager you can have a long list of approvals, maybe pages of approvals. It is not user friendly to force the manager/approver to search the list to find the record that need to be approved.

    The most user friendly, smooth and effective way is to link the manager directly into the record that need to be approved (like it is working now in SRC)