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Ticket already in use and locked by other user, option to not go into the ticket on the prompted box

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Hello All,

In the current version of SM, when lock function is enabled and someone is locking one ticket, when someone else try to open/go into the ticket, system will prompt with a warning but only a 'OK' option, if user click 'OK' or event the 'X' on the right top of the box, system will still open the ticket in readonly form to the user anyway.

Our customer has a request/idea that when the ticket is locked by someone, the prompted warning message should give the user option to leave without going to the ticket read-only form, message e.g.

'Function not avaiable, requested resource in use by: ****, do you still want to go into the ticket?'

Yes, No  --> yes to open the ticket, no to go back to the previous page.


Can we achieve this somehow? or could you please enhance this as a feature if it is not that available in the current version?


Thank you very much