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Tie registry-admin password with suite-admin or admin user

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Hi Team,


I would like to offer that tie the username and password up to the CDF management users or BO suite admin users.

For instance, when I try to patching the system, I need to download and upload the images everytime.

Some customer has not been pacthed for a long time, so during the time we are changing the "suite-admin" password, also "admin" password sometimes -in case we can not access to the system-

So, passwords has been changed of suite-admin or admin users, but not "registry-admin" user for local repository. And when I try to upload the images with the password, it is throwing and error to me as that I 've failed to uplaod images because wrong user name or password.


Then I'am starting to findout what the registry-admin password is mostly customer has not idead what it is and doesn't care the registry-admin password. So, If you tie the admin passwords, such as "suite-admin" for BO and "admin" for CDF managemet portal, and "registry-admin" for docker registry, at least tie 3 of them to the same password. 


It would be much more convinient to managet the system, when I change the suite-admin password, rest of the 2 had been changed automatiocally, and I can be able to manage the local docker repository