Idea ID: 1673192

TimePeriod Customization

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We would like the ability to customize the Time Period Module in SMAX.

The reason for this is, when setting a TimePeriod, SMAX creates the list of occurrences for these Time Periods. We would like the ability to access these occurrences as well as add additional rules on this module.

The use case is we would like users to log "pre-approved" changes against a Time Period, and then give them an option of selecting which occurrence they would like to log the change against, which we would then set the start and end dates automatically when the user selects the Time Period occurrence.

This is to avoid the user manually selecting the dates, and avoiding them looking to reschedule the changes manually



  • Hi  - I'm sorry, but I don't understand this one. You can set the dates for time periods as described here.

    Also, I'm unclear on the use case - I assume you're referring to a Maintenance & blackouts time period? and in the use case you want the Change dates to match the start/end of that Maintenance period? 

    I'm setting this to decline until clarified, and can easily change it back to open for votes.