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To include a search contacts and CI feature in service catalog

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Waiting for Votes
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We have recently implemented the Service catalog in our SM 9.60 system.

We need to include a search feature inside the request form in order to allow users to look for contacts or configuration items.

For example imagine that you have a user selection where the user needs to include the name of a contact. If he or she doesn't have a search feature, he or she Will need to remember the CWID and write it in the user selection input. What we expect is to have the capability to open a search contacts popup and look for any parameter of a contact. It is a similar feature that the existing in technical portal when opening tickets.

Attached you Will find a document with more details.




  • Yes, totally different.

    The case that you describe, the user must know the name of the user (or almost a part) to look for them. In the case i describe the user could make a search by any field of the search form (email, company, depatment, name, or any field you want). It is exactly as searches are working in the technician portal. Something very very basic that unfortunatelly it is not avavilable in the Service catalog.



  • With respect to the contacts search - is this different to adding a validation rule for a text field against "Record in Table" and specifying "Contacts" as the Table Name and "Contact Name" as the Field Name?  (I think that this achieves something close to what you are describing).  This would enable full selection from the contacts table - you can also add a query if you are only interested in a sub-set.

    Config items search is possible in the same way - just search against a different table.  We are not using uCMDB (not sure if this makes a difference) so our CIs are found in the device table.