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Track users activity when commenting a request from the portal

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We would like to be able to track easily when a users add a comment or an attachment on a request using the portal.

Having a checkbox by example to know that a comment/attachment was added so we can follow thoses requests in views and reports.

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  • Thanks for submitting this idea! It appears that the required functionality already exists in the product.  See David's comment for details on how to configure this in your system.

  • This use case is already supported by basic configuration rules that you can add to your Request Management application. This is done with Business Rules you can add to the 'After Change' event section of the Request workflow.

    You can browse the OOB rules for some examples, such as the one I show below. In the rule below, the After Change event looks for new Comments added by the Requester End user and sets a Ready field on the Request to indicate to the assigned Agent that information requested from the user was posted back. You could have similar rules with any desired side effect.

    If a new comment is added by the Requested by user and the request status is Pending end user, sets the request status back to Ready and resumes the SLT/OLA clock.
    ${current_update.Comments.IsChanged && entity.Active == true && entity.Status == 'RequestStatusPending' && filter_comments(comments_added(current_update.Comments.OldValue, current_update.Comments.NewValue), 'FunctionalPurpose', 'EndUserComment', 'Submitter', entity.RequestedByPerson.Id) != null}