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Unable fetch complete report of Incidents Tickets records in SMAX (filter limitation)

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Customer is not able fetch complete Report of Incident Tickets in single search.This Idea Exchange is to increase the operational report limit of 4000 records.

The limitation itself is actually described here

Steps to reproduce:

1. Goto Agent UI --> Run --> Incident
2. In the Incident Management page, select Incidents
3. Using filter, try to refine search.

Customer gets: " There are too many records. Please refine your filter" if the results count is more than 4000 incidents.

If the number of incidents are less than 4000, it is visible on the search results. If it is more than 4000, it is not showing up.
Customer's requirement is to have all the records listed in a single search (even if it is more than 4000).


  • We do not plan to expand the number of records that can be viewed in the UI beyond the current limits.  If you need to create reports based on more records then I suggest using the PG Views.

  • Hi Brindusa,

    Customer wants to fetch more than 4000 rows in one go (using ingle search)
    Their  operations are getting impacted as they can't fetch weekly report and submit to management.

    In customer's case, they have many numbers of incidents getting generated everyday as have products integrated together.
    NNM is pushing all events to OMI which is pushing those events to SMA.
    APM, NNM and other monitoring devices  are collaborated in OMI and all tickets are getting converted into SMAX.
    Only critical incidents are forwarded to SMAX which is more than 6000 everyday.
    This may increase in future.

    Suggestion provided: As a workaround, they can filter the reports based on the number of records via date/ fetch multiple times and merge them.
    They can also  try to use grouping or views as a workaround too.



  • Hello,

    What is the use case for this request? The UI views have a limit (10K by default, can be adjusted through a tenant setting).

    For full reporting capabilities, the recommendation is to use the PostgreSQL Views capabilities:

    Best regards,