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Unable to capture IP details in Syslog table when logged in from SMA.

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over 2 years ago

Hi Team,

I am unable to get user details in syslog table when user is logged in from SMA Service Portal. Please let me know. how to achieve this requirement.

Thanks in Advance.


Shaffali Kaul


  • We discussed this internally, and the workaround that we propose is below:

    Currently all end user login info (including user name and IP address) is available in the tomcat log on NFS. Such as /var/vols/itom/itsma/itsma-itsma-global/logs/xservices/gateway/itom-xservices-gateway-xxxxxx-xxxx-2018-08-23/localhost_access_log.2018-08-23.txt. The content from log is below

    08-23-2018 15:20:38.264 ip=xx.xx.xx.xx  status=200  tenant=100000002 user=Aaron.Caffrey correlationId=RID-f03b4a52-5a31-4e98-8d92-d296b4311138  request="GET /saw/ess?TENANTID=100000002 HTTP/1.1" userType=Firefox requestInfo=- duration=6 bytes=4825 thread=http-nio-8080-exec-19 service=ess itemType=N-A itemOperation=READ dataLayer=N-A incomingItemCnt=- outgoingItemCnt=-

    08-23-2018 15:20:39.200 ip=  status=200  tenant=100000002 user=Aaron.Caffrey correlationId=RID-8e21db56-d29f-421b-bd62-ddc687c45957  request="GET /rest/100000002/ess/backend/type HTTP/1.0" userType=Firefox requestInfo=- duration=421 bytes=25 thread=http-nio-8080-exec-15 service=ess itemType=backend itemOperation=READ dataLayer=N-A incomingItemCnt=- outgoingItemCnt=-

    As a workaround, a tool can be created to auto parse the user name/IP from the tomcat log and save the info to SM syslog. In addition, for longer term, we should add this idea to the idea exchange forum so it can be reviewed officially as part of the roadmap.



  • Actual behavior:

    1. When login from SMA Service Portal, the Status is logged on, and Start Time is set.

    There is no value for Device, IP Address as login from

    2. When logout from SMA Service Portal, the Status is logged off, and Stop Time is set.

    There is no value for Device, IP Address as login from

    Expectation: Device and IP Address should be set automatically as login / logout from

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  • Please update on this. Its urgently required